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BridgeZyTech Software Solutions is a software development company based in Mississauga, Ontario. Established in 2003, we pride ourselves in engineering and in the ability to deliver high quality solutions. Our primary services are custom software development, software consulting and systems integration.

We will work in line with your own standards, to ensure that we deliver robust and flexible software solutions to improve operational effectiveness and satisfy each of your growing demands, while cutting costs and saving time.

ZyTechSoft has understood that our job is to listen to our clients, understand their projects and software requirements, develop and deliver engineering solutions on time and on budget.

The ZyTechSoft solutions team is talented, diverse and professional. Our engineers have the ability to seamlessly integrate innovative software, cutting-edge technologies, and experienced, insightful consulting into one package. The result is a powerful, comprehensive solution that allows you to focus on developing your business.

Industry News

Developer Interest In Windows Phone 7 Tops iOS

A new global survey of mobile application developers underscores a major shift in their outlook, with interest in building apps for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 (32 percent) now second only to Google 's Android OS (35 percent).

Microsoft Unveils Silverlight 5 Beta Features

Silverlight 5 will focus on premium media experiences and improvements targeted at business apps running in and out of the browser, according to Microsoft. Many of the advances are designed to improve developer productivity in response to feedback, which Microsoft tallied as roughly 21,000 votes for various enhancements and features.

Recent Projects

Client Testimonial

“ZyTech Software Solutions has provided services to Dapasoft Inc. since September 2006. They have proven to be a company that is knowledgeable and have consistently delivered on time and on budget. ZyTechSoft deliverables have been of the highest quality and adhered to our architectural standards, guidelines and best practices.”

Michael Simpson
Vice President, Technology
Dapasoft Inc.

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